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The Rock Solid Pressure Show is formally a Nationally Syndicated FM & Internet broadcast. It's now a successful Podcast that airs every Sunday at 7:00 pm (EST) on Rock Rage Radio. Your hosts J-Rock & Patty open the gates every week to their Dungeon. Spinning 6 decades’ worth of Hard Rock and Metal classics, along with the newest signed and unsigned bands. They also feature interviews with all the high-profile A-list Rockers, to the Rock Legends. Their hallowed halls have also been visited by all your favorite Horror Movie icons. Formed in 2002 in Connecticut, the show then moved to Florida in 2004. After a historic 15 year run in Florida, the broadcast moved to a Ghost Town outside of Reno Nevada in 2019. The show has a dark, witty edge, and is it jammed packed with everything ‘Metal, Hard Rock, & Horror’. The broadcast also has a slightly demented, and sometimes comical, 'Horror' vibe. Now entering its 20th year, Rock Solid Pressure has revolutionized the airwaves, and fans still tune in religiously for a weekly ‘lashing’ on the rack.


Back in 2002, the broadcast used to be known as a total multi-media attraction with the "Rock Solid Pressure Radio Competitions'. The first 2 years of the show were competitions for unsigned bands from across the country and the world. They opened the arena for one of the biggest, and most legendary radio battles in history, which was backed by Sony Records. The fans controlled the outcome for these hellacious matches by voting online in real-time. In 2004, the competitions were only held one month out of the year because the show went in a different direction. The competitions were retired in 2015 after a hugely successful 13-year run. The competitions might have earned the pair a coveted spot in the Hard Rock/Metal history books, but the broadcast is more popular than ever and commands a cult following throughout the world.


Every year since 2003, bands from around the country have made the trek to the annual 'Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase.' They perform in front of Major and Indie Record Label Reps, PR Firms, Legendary Producers, and Industry Insiders. Many bands have been signed and landed cool deals from this annual networking event. And now, the Industry Showcase has become one of the most heralded Showcases of its kind in North America. The first 2 Showcases were held in the Northeast. All the rest have been in Florida. The event returned to New York City in Oct 2019 for the 17 Year Anniversary. The 2022 Industry Showcase will be held in Reno Nevada


The Rock Solid Pressure Show exploded onto the scene in a small Connecticut radio station (Cameo Broadcasting) in 2002. It originated as a revolt against the fluffy Reality Music TV shows, namely 'American Idol'. The broadcast quickly became an underground hit. Live Showcases for Sony Records quickly followed. The multi-sponsored show moved to Florida in 2004, and as of 2019, the broadcast has been based in Nevada. The show commanded an immense following through FM and internet syndication for many years. And now the broadcast is a successful Podcast on Rock Rage Radio. Their Industry Showcase has also grown to legendary proportions over the years. It is no longer an exclusive event for members of the Sony Records A&R team though. Many new labels and industry insiders have jumped on the panels throughout the years. And word of mouth has forged a dynasty for the unsigned music community with this annual event. Some of the biggest names in the music industry have frequented the Showcase panels, and still do.


The 'Rock Solid Pressure' radio show is also known for featuring the best A-List Superstar guests. J-Rock and Patty are continually re-inventing the airwaves. Although the broadcast is mainly known for new music, they also feature a playlist chock full of the best signed, and unsigned bands from the past 6 decades. The Rock Solid Pressure Show, which broadcast's from a Dungeon no less, is also sprinkled with witty, dark humor, along with the top industry, and concert news of the week. J-Rock and Patty made a huge name for themselves in the North East and Florida music scenes. Now they’re kicking up dust in Nevada. Their name is also a staple on the music scene worldwide. They are also instrumental in organizing national, and local concert events throughout the country. They have booked and coordinated events for well over 700 huge national acts. They have also booked over 4000 local bands. And the train keeps rollin'. The pair also had their own syndicated TV Show. It became a reality after a suggestion from FUSE TV. The TV show aired in the Mid-West. They didn't get the moniker as being 'The Hardest Working DJ's In Radio' for nothing. They are out in the trenches every week at concert events and have gone far beyond the call of duty. Their work in the field is unmatched by any DJ team. EVER!


J-Rock and Patty have been in the music scene individually for over 40 years. 


J-Rock and Patty have booked and coordinated events for well over 700 huge national acts. They have also booked over 4000 local bands. And the train keeps rollin'

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